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E19: How the Trades Fosters Critical Thinking and Lifelong Learning in the Community

December 17, 2021

Tune in, hit play, and get inspired as Sheldon Anderson (Dean for the Centre for Trades) and Joshua Hill (an instructor for electrical apprenticeship) discuss the connection between the trades and lifelong learning. This warm and honest conversation reveals how practical, hands-on learning and skills-building develop critical thinking, which leads to connection, innovation, sustainability, entrepreneurship and opportunities galore!


During the podcast, Donna mentions a news article about a recent collaboration between LC Extension and Blood Tribe Employment and Skills Training (BTEST) focused on equipping youth with real-world skills.


During the recording, Joshua mentions the following:

  • A “garbage-can-looking item” that’s actually a residential wind turbine! A Utah-based company called Halcium is currently prototyping this revolutionary product

  • The wind turbine company, Vestas

  • He’s learning about health, fitness – and what his personal Functional Threshold Power (FTP) is


During the podcast, Sheldon touches on the following:

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